The long standing John P. Taylor public housing complex, which has long stood overlooking the Hudson River in Troy, will cease to be part of the city skyline this summer. Plans are to demolish the buildings and put up a new modern apartment in its place.

The complex was built in the 1950's and operated as a public housing facility until about 2009. It's been shuttered and abandoned ever since. Clearly, thanks to neglect, weather related issues, and vandals, the buildings have suffered some damage over the last decade or so. However, there is still some history that remains throughout the building.

Some rooms have furniture remaining, while another showcases some child murals on its walls. For the most part, the structure appears to be intact but inside is pretty ravaged with peeling paint, water damage, and vandalism. The one redeeming quality is perhaps the pretty incredible views of Troy and the Hudson River when you get on the roof.

These urban explorers take us on a journey from the first floor to the roof in the photos and videos below.

WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

Vacant Since 2005, See Inside this Abandoned Apartment in Troy

Known as the John P. Taylor Apartments, this was a public housing complex along River Street in Troy. The buildings were built in the 1950's and have become part of the Troy skyline. They were last used in 2009 and have since fallen into disrepair due to vandals and neglect.

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A Look Inside Abandoned Ames Department Store in NY

Ames Department stores were once prevalent throughout the United States, including here in the Capital Region and other parts of New York. At one time, there were about 700 stores nationwide.

I remember buying my first DVD player at the store in Latham when it was having its going out of business sale in the early 2000's. That location is now a Hobby Lobby.

In 2002, there were between 300 and 400 stores. The company was declining in sales and shut down operations permanently.

This former store is located in Horseheads, NY, in the state's Southern Tier between Elmira and the Finger Lakes. What makes it unique is the fact that sign and external design of the store still remain. In fact, the power still works in the building - as these urban explorers found out when they were making their way through the building.

Inside the store, not much retail history remains, though there are some colorful counters and maybe the remains of some signs on the floor. It also appears some squatters may have been calling it home at some point.

As expected, floor tiles are deteriorating, ceiling tiles are non-existent, there's garbage and debris, but neatly piled into different areas, so somebody is keeping an eye on it. Graffiti is seen in different parts of the former store as well.

It looks like some work may have been done on the facility in the past as it looks 'relatively' clean for a store that's been abandoned for around twenty years.

WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

Abandoned Amsterdam Junkyard with Receipts and Checks Left Behind

These photos/video were posted in the spring of 2022. The site is the former Nathan’s Waste and Paper Stock Company near the Erie Canal. The business was in operation from 1971 until 1993, when it was abandoned. Here's a look at what's left behind.

Abandoned Pilgrim State Psychiatric Hospital

Also known as the 'Lobotomy Hospital' in Brentwood, NY

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