If you were lucky enough to get a hold of Jacquees' version before the cease and desist, congratulations. You can't find it ANYWHERE on the net.

Some say that Jacquees' version of the Ella Mai track was taken down only because "Jacquees' version is better", and not because of legalities between doing a cover of the song and actually trying to monetize it by "making it your own".

Ella Mai Trip Single Cover

Since the cease and desist order has been sent out by Ella Mai's record label, 10 Summers Records (DJ Mustard's record label), Jacquees attempted to clear the air, stating that he has no issue with Ella Mai and loves her and her work.

Jacquees Trip Remix Single Cover

Even though the paperwork gangsters are hard at work trying to take the song off the internet wherever it may pop up (it popped up on PornHub today, of all places), we can't unhear the song... So it might be a lost cause on

End the debate now: Does Ella Mai have the better song with her original or did Jacquees take the song for himself with his remix? Vote below.