There have been many delays but it looks like this Capital Region city is finally getting a new and improved train station. If you have ever stopped or used the Schenectady train station, you know that it has been in need of major repairs for quite some time. There has been a lot of work being done and it looks like they are almost done. According to the Times Union, the $20 million project should be completed on time.

Plans have been redrawn so that the project would come in on budget. The New York State Department of Transportation officials say that the Schenectady train station will open on schedule this fall. They have also added a second track to eliminate the congestion between Schenectady and Albany.

The original station was built in 1908 and then redone in the 1970s. Some of the design elements were used in the redesign of the new station that were originally found in the 1908 building.

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