Remember that Sky Way, that was approved by the Governor to connect the Amtrak station to downtown Albany with a futuristic looking skyway over the Hudson into downtown Albany. Well, it looks like those plans might have come to a halt for the time being.

According to Times Union,

ALBANY — Council members say city funds shouldn’t be spent on a “linear park” when infrastructure is crumbling and neighborhoods continue to struggle.

Many who initially supported the now nearly $16 million Albany Skyway project, expected to repurpose an underused I-787 exit ramp to connect Clinton Square to Albany’s waterfront, are balking at $1.5 million bond that would pay for the preliminary and final design of enhanced amenities along the park.

The plan isn't completely abandoned but it doesn't look like it will be happening any time soon. I agree that the money could be used to fix the infrastructure of what the city already has.

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