Americans are the ultimate consumers. If you see something on TV and it relates to a personal want or need, you go get it. If you’re hungry and you see something on TV that makes your stomach twirl and your mouth water, you NEED it. But what happens when you see an advertisement for a delectable treat that is impossible for you to consume? We’ve all thought it – those dudes on the Sonic commercial are hysterical! But where is there a Sonic around Albany? How in the name of Cheesecake Bites am I ever going to get my hands on some of those Sweet Potato Tots?

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    Mighty Taco

    It’s probably the least known of all 5 on the list. Mighty Taco locations are in Buffalo and other cities and towns in Western New York. They’re open late, which is always a plus, and the menu is large, vast, but not overwhelming. Their trademark is their “Mighty Beef” which lives up to the name. (*TIP* - You might want to sleep alone after putting down a burrito or two).

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    In-N-Out Burger

    A round trip flight to sample the nearest location in Texas is going to run you about $900. Crap. I have a bunch of friends on the West Coast who live off this stuff. I was taking a look at the menu, the 4x4 (4 patties of beef) sounds like a doctor’s prescription for the most brutal of hangovers.

  • Chick-Fil-A


    Another spot that teases us with local advertisements! Chicken for breakfast, chicken for lunch, chicken for snacks and chicken for dinner are all options (would you expect anything less?). They have a nice balance of “healthy” options if you’re looking to grab a quick bite and save room for dinner – carrot raisin salad, fruit cups, low calorie wraps etc. are all offerings. Albany gas prices wouldn’t make this an easy road trip. The closest location is 118 miles away in New Hampshire.

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    Sonic. Is. Awesome. I was hanging with some friends last summer and we were about to go to Lark Fest before a Sonic commercial came on. We were all famished and decided to scratch the local festivities to feed our faces with massive amounts of Sonic. The closest location is Kingston, by the way. The menu has something for everyone and is always adding new items. I suggest any type of burger or sandwich on Texas toast. Sonic makes eating in your car fun – the servers on roller skates also add to the experience.

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    White Castle

    The historic burger joint was established in 1921 so they’ve had plenty of time to master their craft. I was born in New Jersey and was introduced to burgers in my early childhood at White Castle. Their menu offers more than burgers but, let’s be honest… when you enter a White Castle your only goal is to put down as many of those mouth watering slider-sized burgers as your body will allow. There are some drive-able New York locations but, if you’re a cheater, you could always buy the frozen stuff from your local Price Chopper or Hannaford.