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Jeremih took the stage for a special performance in Texas Wednesday night and when the crowd realized he was lip-syncing, they BOMBARDED him with drinks driving him offstage. Here is how it all went down according to TMZ.

Jeremih opened his set by “singing” his song “Down on Me” — he barely got started before the crowd drowned him out with boo’s … and someone tossed a bottle.

Jeremih powered on — but then some jackass throws a full drink at the guy, dousing him in a disgusting spring break cocktail, and J calls it quits … walking offstage.

All in all, we’re told the concert barely lasted a few minutes — and the bar ain’t refunding the $30 tickets. Calls to Jeremih’s camp were not returned.

Absolutely hilarious, when did it become acceptable for an artist to perform a recorded song for people that paid money. First you show up late and then do a lip synched performance. Who does Jeremih think he is ? I would’ve thrown my Corona on the stage too.