During a fundraiser for President Obama, the R&B singer dropped the F-bomb and flipped the bird when he performed “F*ck You.” The event was hosted by director Tyler Perry Friday evening, and attended by by the Atlanta elite.


Fox News wasted no time reporting this. Its really interesting how Fox news tries to make it look like President Obama is associated with Cee-Lo. President Obama wasn’t at the event and none of his representative were in attendance. Cee-Lo was using this as an opportunity to promote himself and get attention. People overreact off of certain keywords and events and Cee-Lo using the F word is just another example. The actual lyrics of the song are F you, whoever invited him to sing had to know this. What does this have to do with anything political, the economy, healthcare, or anything else that matters.

Cee-Lo was looking out for his self, it’s funny how the newscaster brags about having no idea who Cee-Lo Greene is. Since when is it cool for newscasters to be ignorant on a subject. Aren’t you supposed to be informing people ? Fox news uses any excuse they can find to make President Obama make look bad. This is nothing but propaganda, on Cee-Lo’s part and Fox news maybe they are working together.