Justin Bieber teamed up with Far East Movement for their new, soon-to-be-mega-smash ‘Live My Life’ from the upcoming album ‘Dirty Bass.’ FEM released behind-the-scenes footage from the video shoot, which took place in Amsterdam. However, The Biebs is missing in action. He’s nowhere to be found. Despite this big void, there is a high profile guest and it’s LMFAO‘s Red Foo, who remixed the song.

He brings the party rock to the clip — did you expect anything less? — courtesy of disco balls, a zebra print interior on the ‘Dirty Bass’ bus and lots of dancing. The Robot is his co-pilot, further upping the fun quotient. He grabs party people and picks up the Far East Movement dudes along the way for a little mobile fun.

This sneak peek is colorful and features lots of goofy antics, along with a Dirty Bass flash mob. Red Foo certainly lightens the mood and brings the fun. It’s almost – we said almost -- enough to make up for The Biebs’ absence.

Good times look like they were had in Amsterdam.

Watch Behind-the-Scenes of Far East Movement’s ‘Live My Life’ Video Feat. Red Foo