Tis the season ladies of straight up eye candy, for us, FINALLY, in the Capital Region! I was walking my dawg the other day and noticed a couple City of Albany men re-painting the basketball court by my house, all shirtless, and all well, looking dam good!!

With that being said, this is a quick ode, shout out if you will to all the hard working men of the Capital Region who work in the hot, steamy, humidity of  moody ass summers here- landscapers, contractors, masonry men, construction workers, etc ALL OF YOU!! Not only do lots of us women look forward to this time of the year seeing you all hot and sweaty, lol, but we also commend you and give you many kudos! Well at least I do, and I doubt I am alone!

A couple weeks ago it was so dam humid, felt like 150 degrees! And a friend of mine who does masonry, told me how he could not take his shirt off and had to wear jeans for safety purposes, and I thought to myself "God bless u child! I'll sit in the studio in this AC anyday!"  His boss didn't want him taking the shirt off out of respect for the husband I guess.... lol - they are on to us girls!

Hey, if we can have a Local Hottie on here every week for the men, then I can dam well tell it like it is, we like a good man to look at too!! Oh and btw, I saw the hottest bod running down Colvin Ave last week, he had a 6 pack for days! Holler if you hear me honey! That running is paying off!!

Shouts to all the hard working men of Cap Region - no matter what it is you do!