Kanye West fans at Governors Ball got quite the treat this weekend! The rapper performed not one, not two, but five new songs from his upcoming album 'Yeezus,' which is due out on June 18.

In addition to the tracks 'New Slaves' and 'Black Skinhead,' which Yeezy performed on 'Saturday Night Live,' fans were treated to three more new songs titled 'I Am a God,' 'Send It Up' and 'Onsite.'

All the tracks off 'Yeezus' have a decidely dark tone, and while it's still not clear which songs Daft Punk worked on with Kanye, the sound of the French duo sounds very heavy-handed on these new tracks. West seems to have stepped away from the hip-hop realm and sounds to be embracing the electronic genre with open arms. People call the man a genius for a reason! The beat for 'Send It Up' has a heavy hip-hop influence as does 'New Slaves,' but both tracks still sound totally different than what other rappers are putting out these days.

Old Kanye isn't totally gone, which is apparent in the sample breakdown of 'Onsite,' even though the track still sounds very experimental.

This is making us crazy excited for the release of 'Yeezus' next week!