T.I. takes us back to 1960s Atlanta in his video for 'G' S---,' a song featured on his latest album, 'Paperwork.'

The Chris Robinson-directed visual, which clocks in at more than 12 minutes, kicks off with T.I.'s baptism. After wiping his slate clean of sins, the rapper heads to a closed club to talk business and some politics with Jeezy -- the conversation includes "this money" and shooting "less people."

After watching the two rappers show off their acting chops, the entertainment begins. Tip, who plays Buddy, and Jeezy, who is Slugger, go from club owners to the entertainers with a full band backing them. Each artist delivers their own swagger onstage and gives the otherwise straightforward hip-hop song some throwback flair.

Things take a serious turn when they face a gang of loan sharks who want more money. They eventually beat up and kill one of the bar's young employees. While T.I. wants to keep things clean, it looks like they'll need to take justice into their own hands.

Tip also serves as the executive producer of the visual. Watch the southern MC's

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