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25 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Jeezy
As much as he’s been in the spotlight, there may still be some facts that you don’t know about the CTE CEO. The Boombox has compiled a list of lesser known details about his life. Here are 25 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Jeezy.
Positive Influence
Congratulation to Jeezy. Jeezy performed a celebration show for his album "TM101" a.k.a. "Thug Motivation 101," at the Fox Theater in Atlanta, GA.
Download Or Delete ?
Few people out there rap or sing about anything of any importance.  August Alsina must've seen this void and has been trying to fill it in 2014.
Rick Ross, Jeezy Lead the Charge in 'War Ready' Video
At one time, Rick Ross and Jeezy were sworn enemies ready to go to war on each other. Now they have called a truce and have turned their vitriol against the haters. In the cinematic video for 'War Ready,' Rozay and the Snowman are leading the charge with several gun-toting soldiers.
Rick Ross, Jeezy Shoot Video for 'War Ready' [PHOTOS]
As expected, the video to the single from what was an unexpected pairing a few years ago is on its way. Rick Ross and Jeezy recently shot a video for their collaborative single 'War Ready.' The dynamic duo shot scenes for the clip in New Orleans during the NBA All-Star Weekend.
Jeezy Arrested in Atlanta
No, it’s not a typo. Rapper Jeezy was recently arrested again outside of Atlanta for obstructing police officers. Details are sketchy, but here’s what we have so far.
Presidential Shoutouts
Happy birthday, President Obama! What better to celebrate Barack Obama's born day (Aug. 4, 1961) than to honor him with a top 10 list of rap songs that mention his name.
Most rappers have been inspired by our 44th president. However, there are a few outspoken emcees who have expressed their cond…

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