Hip-hop and crime have always shared an inexplicable link unfortunately. Whether the crime was in self-defense, by accident, guilt by association or simply being close to a crime taking place, it’s not uncommon for rappers to find themselves in a courtroom. There are those cases where artists are guilty and have to do the time for the crime. However, rappers lawyer up to defend themselves against potential life-changing charges when they proclaim innocence.

From artists like YNW Melly, whose recent double-murder case this past summer resulted in a mistrial but will still go to a retrial or Irv Gotti, who was arrested for money laundering due to connections with a drug lord, but later acquitted, there are many hip-hop artists who came out with some kind of victory in their legal cases. Irv is an executive and producer, not a rapper, but there are 10 rappers who also beat part of their cases here.

In 1995, Snoop Dogg made national headlines after being arrested for first-degree murder because his bodyguard killed a rival gang member. The West Coast rapper and his bodyguard were acquitted after evidence determined they acted in self-defense. Decades later, Gucci Mane's former beef with Jeezy led to Guwop's infamous 2005 murder trial, which ended with the rapper's charges being dropped.

For those who are featured on this list, hearing the phrase "not guilty" led to some of the biggest hip-hop releases, such as Snoop Dogg’s iconic debut album Doggystyle. The unfolding of these cases provided plenty of shock and awe while capturing the country’s attention with national headlines.  Here is a list of rappers who beat their court case.

See Rappers Who Beat Major Legal Cases and Walked Away With a Victory

Hip-hop came out with a win in some way in these cases.