'This Old House,' the legendary home remodeling and renovation show, is filming in Saratoga Springs until February and it looks like the stars are literally soaking in the Spa City.

I guess when you are visiting a city, or filming a popular television somewhere, do as the locals do. That is exactly what 'This Old House' star and expert plumber Richard Trethewey was doing this week while the show films in Saratoga Springs.

Since Richard is the plumbing guru on the show, it only makes sense that he would pay a visit to the Roosevelt Baths & Spa for a soak in that legendary Saratoga Springs water and its legendary power of rejuvenation. Trethewey documented the visit with some photos on his Facebook page, which you can see below. Richard went old school too, wearing a throwback bathing suit! I guess as a sort of homage to the history of the Spa. Based on the photos, they filmed the visit to be used on the show. So it looks like we will see some local flavor when this episode hits the air!

As we reported earlier this month, "This Old House" is in town through February helping a Spa City couple upgrade and renovate their Clark Street home. The show's stars will be in and out of town filming segments in the months ahead, so I am sure we will see them out and about even more!

This Old House Star Soaking Up Saratoga Springs

This Old House will be featuring a Saratoga Spring home on an upcoming show, and the shows expert plumber Richard Trethewey paid a visit to the Roosevelt Baths & Spa while the show was in town filming.

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