If you have a dollar and a dream, you now have another chance to score that big lottery payday every week.

If you buy your Powerball tickets twice a week hoping to hit it big, you are about to have an additional opportunity to score that dream jackpot. In response to a new requirement from the Multi-State Lottery Commission, the New York state Gaming Commission has given the go ahead for a third Powerball weekly drawing, according to a Times Union story. The third drawing is intended to bolster sales that have declined during the pandemic. The third drawing will be added starting the week of August 23rd.

So if you play the Powerball, that is now one additional opportunity every week to score millions. If you won, what would you do with all the cash? Here is how crazy you could go with some Capital Region staples if you won the current jackpot of $88 Million:

How Many Capital Region Staples You Could Buy With $88 Million

Ever wonder what you would buy if you won the Powerball? Here is how crazy you could go buying some local favorites with this week's jackpot of $88 Million!

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