Frogs are everywhere in New York but there is one type in particular that is rarely ever seen. They aren't even hiding from you but it's likely you've been unable to witness them because of their size. The Northern Cricket Frog is one of New York State's smallest vertebrates, averaging only 1 inch in length, with males typically smaller than females.! Pixel Biologist!! Pixel Biologist!
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According to the New York Department of Conservation, each June the Northern Cricket Frog starts the breeding process which includes a call that sounds very much like a cricket, hence the name. Females will eventually lay several dozen egg masses, each mass containing 5-10 eggs. In about 4 days, tadpoles with black-tipped tails emerge and have a life span of 5-7 years.

Another reason you may not have seen the Northern Cricket Frog is that it is listed as endangered in New York. With populations found as far North as the Hudson Highlands - Shawangunk region. Recently, a population of these frogs was discovered on the east side of the Hudson River in Dutchess County.

Ironically, the Northern Cricket Frog feeds on, crickets! Although they are a tree frog, they prefer to live near lakes. They are not poisonous so, if you have a keen eye and are fortunate enough to find them, the most difficult part would be to get one to sit still. They are known to jump as much as 6 feet in one leap.


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