I don't typically get freaked out over seeing insects in my home. I scream like a small child if I see a mouse in the house but not insects. If I do spot a spider, for example, I try to collect it without harm and set it free outside. Occasionally I am ordered by my girlfriend to kill it, so down the toilet it goes.

This Winter however we have an insect invasion and chances are the walls of your Capital Region home are filled with these bugs too!

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The most common sighting of this unwelcomed guest happens in the evening. I am usually alerted by a scream and some foul language and that is when I know another Halyomorpha Halys has been spotted! I looked that up to impress. It's a Stink Bug!

I thought the Stink Bug was only alive in the warmer months! Well, they are alive and well in Niskayuna! In my home!

Photo by Viktor Talashuk on Unsplash
Photo by Viktor Talashuk on Unsplash

Truth is, aside from the smell they create and the thought of one walking into your mouth while you sleep, the Stink Bug isn't dangerous to humans or pets. According to Witt Pest Control, the Stink Bug is just looking for a place to live until it gets warmer.

If you are seeing Stink Bugs this Winter it's most likely because the warmth of your home has made them active. Wait until Spring! That is when you will see more as they try to relocate outside. See? They don't want to be in your house either!

Stink Bugs are attracted to light. If you don't want them, remove or keep outside lights off. If they do come in, keep some tissues and a toilet nearby.

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