Hunting can be a very frustrating sport. Spend hours in a tree stand just to see nothing more than a squirrel. Then you go home and see 3 deer casually walking through your back yard.

Sure, there are several tips and techniques that start to tip the advantages in your direction. Scent control, let the wind be your friend and for god sake BE QUIET! One item you will never see in a list of hunting tips is a New York State taxi cab.

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Earlier this month, in Cortland County, officers were investigating the illegal activity of deer jacking. This is when criminals head out at night and typically shine a light on deer feeding in fields. When this happens deer tend to freeze and POP the "hunter" takes a shot and kills the animal.

This investigation led officers to two suspects that are now facing numerous charges for illegally taking deer while driving around in a taxicab. Yes, a taxicab! This is the vehicle in question.

These two dopes were pulled over by the Cortland County Sherriff's Department while attempting to recover a deer shot almost 24 hours prior. After several interviews and multiple written statements, the men were each issued tickets for nine charges. Here they are:

  • Criminal possession of a weapon
  • Possession of a gun and a light in a motor vehicle
  • Taking deer with the aid of artificial light
  • Shooting from a public highway
  • Shooting within 500 feet of an occupied dwelling
  • Possession of a loaded firearm in a motor vehicle
  • Taking big game during closed season
  • Taking illegal deer
  • Taking wildlife from a motor vehicle

The taxicab was used in both the shooting and the attempted recovery of the deer. No word on whether the suspects own the vehicle or if they hailed it for their hunting trip.

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