There is a group of houses in the Capital Region that were going to change the world and the houses we live in. They were space-age houses that were advertised as maintenance-free, quickly built houses that were going to revolutionize the housing industry in the 1950s.

Lustron was a Chicago, IL manufacturer that built kits to build these space-age homes that were all-steel construction. When I say all steel, I mean all steel. The walls, floors, ceilings, inside, outside, and even the roof were made from porcelain-covered steel panels.

At first glance, you might not even notice that there is anything different about these little ranch houses, but they are a really cool part of the Capital Region housing market that is now on the National Register of Historic Homes.

If you'd like to see one of these cool space-age houses there is a small cluster of five homes is on Jermain Street in Albany, off Washington Avenue near the Harriman State Office Campus.

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