More development is happening in downtown Schenectady. This time it's the Wedgeway Building that once housed a historic theatre from the 1920s. What will become of this enormous space in Schenectady?

What was in the Wedgeway Building?

In the 1920s the theatre inside the Wedgeway Building was known as the Erie Theater, State Theater, and then the Wedgeway Theatre. There was also a restaurant with a bar, a barbershop, and apartments that were housed in the building.

Check out the 100 yr old Wedgewood Building in Schenectady w/Historic Theatre

Check out the historic 100-year-old Wedgeway Building in Downtown Schenectady. It once housed the Erie Theater and then the Wedgeway and State Theater. The auditorium has been ripped out, but an empty barbershop and gutted restaurant and bar remain. This eyesore is in the process of getting approval for development soon. They are hoping to build apartments and commercial and retail space.

What Will The Wedgeway Building Become?

A developer is hoping to turn the eyesore at 277 State Street in Schenectady into many things. Since the theater's auditorium was demolished years ago, and the barbershop has since moved out along with the restaurant once there, they hope to make the fifty-five thousand square-foot building into apartments on the upper floors and commercial and retail space below. The final product would be eighty apartments and fourteen thousand square feet of commercial space. The city planning commission will review the project on April 20th and the Metroplex board will review it on April 27th according to the Albany Business Review.

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