Looking for a gig? The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at Albany International Airport is staffing up and offering a pretty fat incentive.

The TSA is looking to add officers to its staff and is offering a one thousand dollar bonus to those who sign on. Every Thursday from 6am-4pm the TSA will have a recruitment table set up on the lower level near baggage claim. The first day will be this Thursday (1/27) and run every Thursday through the end of February. Anyone interested is invited to stop by. Agents will be on hand to talk about the work they do and answer any questions.

Some of the important questions, we can answer right now:

How much does it pay?

  • Starting pay is $18.99 per hour
  • An increase is possible after 6 months on the job

Do I need any kind of security training?

  • No, the TSA will train. Plus you will be paid during training

How do I get this $1000 bonus?

  • $500 will be paid when you begin, another $500 paid on your 1 year anniversary

Any other bonuses?

  • Yes, new hires are being offered 10% retention bonus in addition to their hourly pay

What kind of benefits?

  • Health Insurance
  • Paid training
  • Sick leave

And let's face it, you'll be on the other side of the security point, which means you will have access to the only Chick-fil-A in the area.

The TSA has put together a quick 5 minute video that talks about the day to day responsibilities of an agent at the airport.

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