When I see people going back and forth about something on my Facebook timeline its usually something petty. This time it is far from petty. Many political jabs are being taken about this weekend's murders and people being shot around Albany. The events seem to be connected and it has people in politics and law enforcement trying to figure it out. When tragedies happen people start pointing fingers.

This is exactly what happened in the Police Union release a status about the recent violence in Albany pointing the finger at the mayor for under-resourcing the officers and put blame on the community-based state-sponsored organization CURE violence.

Read the heated post below:

Screenshot 2018-07-09 12.36.57

This post seems very Donald Trump infused, a lot of allegations and stops short of name-calling with the mayor.  Also, the allegations against CURE Violence seems inappropriate, and a low blow to mention they came to the hospital smelling to "high heaven like marijuana." What does that even mean? The post is covered with rhetoric and dog whistles.

Albany Mayor responded to the post by saying:

In an interview Monday morning, Sheehan called the post "counter-productive".

"This is not a one solution problem," she said of the city's outbreak of violence. "There isn't just one single thing the city can do or the police department can do."

Sheehan declined to discuss labor issues the union brought up beyond calling them false. Those issues are handled through the labor process and she wanted to respect that, she said.

Today Acting Police Chief Robert Seales;


This all sounds like something out of HBO's television show The Wire. The Police Union sounds as if they want to go into the community and lock everyone up, while the Mayor and Acting Police Chief are trying to figure out the root of the problem.

I believe a more logical approach to solving these crimes it seems like all these shootings are related. What do you think is the mayor responsible for the spree of violence in Albany? Meanwhile Schenectady and Troy have been homicide-free all year.

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