What does Thanksgiving make you think of? It could be a random thing like Turkey, Stuffing, or everyone's Thanksgiving favorite beer. Well, people in every state still have questions about this centuries-old feast—starting with “how old is Thanksgiving?” Luckily, Google’s doors are always open, even on holidays.

Luckily Google has answers for them all. The most googled phrase in the state of NY that is googled around Thanksgiving is Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. This seems about right because I just googled the parade, I want to attend this year. So, I would assume that most people are just trying to find out when and where the parade starts.

Other states google searches aren't as obvious as New York, some highlights include “Restaurants open on Thanksgiving near me” in Alabama, Indiana, Georgia and Kentucky. In Colorado, the top search was "turkey bowling" which involves rolling a frozen turkey at bottles.

Some of the history teachers in states like Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Virginia did a horrible job at explaining the history of Thanksgiving because the number one google search was "Does England celebrate Thanksgiving?

Take a look at the complete list of googles by state here.

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