Today we are honoring our military veterans and those who have served in the United States Armed Forces. Our city of Albany will be hosting the 64th annual Veterans Day Parade starting at 11am today at the corner of Central Ave and Ontario street. The parade will travel down Central Ave to Washington Ave and will end near Hawk Street next to the New York State Capitol and the New York State Education Department building.
Some of us have the day off, and some of us are still working. Here’s a history lesson for you, it was originally called Armistice Day, commemorating the end of World
War I. But then World War II and the Korean War happened, so on June 1, 1954, at the urging of veterans service organizations, Congress amended the commemoration yet again by changing the word “armistice” to “veterans” so the day would honor American veterans of all wars.

Today you need to remember that one person or persons that dedicated their life for service so that you can utilize the freedoms you have today in America. Say Thank You.

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