This morning the breakfast club touched on a subject that many blended families face.How far is too far with a step parent?

This subject was brought up because a video on Ciara's Snapchat showed her two-year old son with rapper Future, kissing his step-dad b.k.a "Papa Russ".Now I've watched this video many times today and I personally think it's cute and there should be more room in the heart of a step parent.

Larry Busacca, Getty Images
Larry Busacca, Getty Images

In many cases if it's the husband that's not the biological parent the kids are living in the home with him.And his kids if any are in many cases in a home with THEIR step-dad! Now there is a difference between being loving and being a pervert to your step children.I pray you parents in these situations are paying attention enough to know the difference!

And,this video looked liked a very loving moment between them.After all when you marry with your kids being this young you have to expect that they will form a relationship with the step parent.I don't see anything wrong with this baby being a baby and showing his  love to someone who obviously treats him good.If this kid came into this marriage and was like 8 I would be like kiss him on the forehead but this is a baby!

I think people always want to find the bad in the good.And alot  of you Future fans are just mad at Ciara,lol.But feel free to tell me what you think.Maybe you in this situation currently,what are your views?Should Russell Wilson be able to kiss baby Future without it being a issue?

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