Summer is right around the corner, which means all the places that were closed all winter will soon be opening up. From out door eateries to the best ice cream parlors in the Capital Region and all our favorite summertime places will be opening up within the next couple of weeks.

Here are some of the best ice cream parlors in the 518 to check out:

1) Kurver Kream on Central Ave in Colonie has some of the best soft served ice cream in the area. Their must-try is the "Monkey in the Middle" specialty sundae.

2) Scoups homemade ice cream is super delicious. My favorite icec ream is their home made mint chocolate chip ice cream with chocolate fudge. Absolutely to die for ice cream.

3) The Dutch Udder Craft in troy is another great place to grab some really good ice cream from. Located in Troy and easy to get to from the highway.

4) 21 Below Thai Rolling Ice cream. Kinda like how cold stone serves there ice cream except its rolled and really yummy. The banana and chocolate is to die for.


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