Taraji P. Henson and Tracie Jenkins stopped by the show to open up the discussion on mental health and talk about The Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation.

- Howard vs Hampton

- Mental health

- Traumatic experiences with death

- Building tough skin vs social media

- Taraji's son getting therapy

- Mental health in the black community

- Kids being misdiagnosed with ADD

- Taraji teaching special ed classes

- Advice for black parents

- Opening up about emotional distress when you're young

- Taraji's experience with therapy at a young age

- How relationships with parents affects you today

- The stigma of men not being vulnerable

- Why is the brain so difficult to to talk about

- Insurance and mental health

- Tracie's first mental breakdown

- Handling things that are beyond our control

- Tracie on avoiding triggers

- Self medicating

- The Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation

- Suicide being shamed

- No rehab in prisons

- Strong black women allowed to not be strong

- Debunk pregnant rumors

- Loving yourself before loving anyone else

Watch the interview below:

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