I would've normally looked past a public survey like this and went on about my day. This survey is actually very important. It's a statewide survey on public safety. Most importantly law enforcement and its interaction with the community. If you think your neighborhood is unsafe and would like to see changes in the way laws are enforced this is the survey for you. This survey will directly affect how lawyers and law enforcement handle budgets and securing public safety.

This is the CFLJ's Community Survey on Public Safety. The NYS governor's 2020 budget recognizes "that positive relationships between the police and their communities are crucial to creating a safer New York" and seeks to increase public trust in NYS' law enforcement agencies. CFLJ is interested in the views and opinions of community members about trust between local law enforcement and the community, and public safety.

The Center for Law and Justice is conducting a public safety survey to give City of Albany residents an opportunity to express their attitudes, feelings and concerns about public safety in the City. The Center believes that this survey will provide valuable input that could lead to stronger and more effective public safety measures in our City. This survey is completely anonymous and should take approximately 3-5 minutes to complete. Requested demographic information such as race, gender, and zip code will be extremely helpful. Thanks for your cooperation.


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