If you grew up in the 60's, 70's or 80's you probably spent time trying to convince mom and dad to take you to Storytown U.S.A. in Lake George, New York. You didn't have to try hard. Everyone wanted to check out the rides, 'Ghost Town', 'Jungle Land' and to get a picture with Moby Dick.

In 1954 a guy named Charles Wood bought 5 acres of land in Queensbury, New York for $75,000 and gave the property to his wife as a gift. Years later, that property would end up selling for $36 million dollars, TWICE! Today Storytown U.S.A, is known as Six Flags Great Escape.

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Many of the 'Mother Goose' themed buildings and props are still visible and in use today at The Great Escape but why not take a look back to what the park looked like from 1965 to 2011.

Storytown U.S.A. - Lake George, New York

Take a look back at Storytown U.S.A. in Lake George.

Crossgates Mall 1984

This is what the Crossgates Mall looked like when it opened in 1984.

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