Don't Touch My Kid !
Blac Chyna took all three YBN Almighty Jay included, of her children to Six Flags this past weekend before getting into an all-out brawl which led to her using her own daughter’s stroller as a weapon.
Jay And Bey On The Run
Beyoncé dropped a photo and trailer announcing her and husband Jay’s On the Run II tour on Instagram. I knew I was saving for something.
Is Jay-Z Stunting Or Lying?
Hip-Hop mogul and rap icon Jay-Z dropped some serious cash this weekend in honor of his friend, Roc Nation Sports President Juan “OG” Perez’s 50th birthday.
Beyonce Has True #FanLove
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The Show Must Go On!!!
Beyonce is not with canceling a show due to weather so she dropped 60K to keep the show ...
Tyga's Album
Hot Off The Wire with Alfredas!
Rapper Capo-a member of Chief Keef’s “Glo Gang,” was shot and killed over the weekend in Chicago.
50 Cent may have to shell out a few million dollars to Rick Ross’ baby mama, a “Hunger Games&CloseCurlyDou…
Does Drake Have A Love Chid ?
Another woman is alleging that Drake is the father of her child. Hmmm Drizzy can’t catch a break when it comes to women claiming he’s the father to their children!