DWI Crackdown Happening This Weekend for Memorial Day
Through Monday, a crackdown is in effect.  It's Memorial Day weekend, a time to celebrate, to remember and honor veterans past and present, and a time to enjoy.  But, not a time to drink and drive (well, really at no time should you be drinking and driving)...
Drinking Wine Has Never Been Easier [PIC]
If you are a wine drinker and always thought, "There has to be an easier and more convenient way to drink this", well look no further. Here are a few new products that will help you consume wine easier.
Union College #5 Top Party School
Newsweek has released the 2012 rankings for “Top Party Schools”. If you’re interested in getting pregnant, drunk, high and zero education, Union College is the place to “learn” in the Capital Region.
Memorial Day Weekend Hangover Cures
If you’re a party animal or social drinker I’m guessing you put a few adult bevs down the hatch this weekend. If you have stored vacation time and took the day after Memorial Day off you’re a genius. The majority of us, though, are toughing it out. Her…