We are holding out hope that these variety packs of spiked cider will be here in time of our summer fun of drinking.  Get ready for another alcoholic drink in cans just in time for summer. According to Delish.com, Costco announced that they are now selling a variety pack of canned ciders. The variety pack will include original cider, blood orange, rose and watermelon flavors.

Even though these delicious ciders are only being sold right now in Texas, it looks as if Costco is hoping to bring them nationwide by the summer. They are being made by a cider company that is located in Austin called Eastciders. But don't be discouraged, the sales are going well and we may see them in New York soon.

Austin's EastCiders say they created the variety of ciders to appeal to all drinkers that include been, wine and cider consumers. They also state that their ciders are both gluten-free and certified kosher.

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