If you’re a party animal or social drinker I’m guessing you put a few adult bevs down the hatch this weekend. If you have stored vacation time and took the day after Memorial Day off you’re a genius. The majority of us, though, are toughing it out. Here are a few tips to cure or prevent your 3 day weekend hangover.


Take vitamins with a glass of water after a long night/day of drinking. A scientist told me vitamins help liquid absorb faster in your body. Ok, maybe he wasn’t a scientist. It was one of my friends who has a bachelor’s degree… which, by my standards, makes him one of the most intelligent people I know.


Drink as much water as you can before you go to sleep and as soon as you wake up. Drinking before bed with vitamins is most effective (see above). But if you forget to hydrate before bed, drink plenty in the morning. Most of the time that you get a hangover it’s because you’re dehydrated. People who suffer from migraines will typically pound water to help reduce the headache. Same idea.

Milk Thistle

I can’t speak on this from experience but I’ve heard it’s a hangover miracle drug. You can get a bottle from most drug or supplement stores. Even if it doesn’t cure your hangover, it might help your liver tolerate a few more years of binge drinking. Milk Thistle helps prevent and repair liver damage.

Greasy Food

I’m pretty sure there aren’t any medical facts proving fast food to be a hangover cure but we don’t care. Eating two McDonalds double cheeseburgers might not help your headache but the greasy deliciousness of the comfort food will certainly feel like a nice big hug.

Anything but Tylenol

The warning labels on Tylenol are no joke. Do NOT take it shortly before, during or shortly after drinking. The drug could liquefy your liver and kill you. Don’t do it, k? However, Ibuprofen or generic aspirin should be fine. Make sure you double check warning labels before you take anything while drinking alcohol.

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