T.I.'s Irving Plaza show in New York City ended when shots were fired at the popular venue last night (May 25) during the rapper's concert.

Fans waited for more than two hours for T.I. to hit the stage, with PNB Rock performing three songs between time. But a packed Irving Plaza descended into chaos as concertgoers fled to the nearest exits after an unknown shooter began to fire his weapon repeatedly backstage. Multiple rounds echoed throughout the venue as stampedes attempted to flee the building. Unable to exit, many people found themselves trapped on the floor with the shooter because it was too crowded to move.

Eventually, the gunshots ceased as hundreds of fans made their way onto the street, flooding the Union Square neighborhood. But another shot was heard from inside Irving Plaza. Ultimately one man was left dead and three people wounded.

It's not confirmed whether or not the Atlanta rapper played any role in last night's incidents, but an alleged member of his entourage grabbed the mic during the chaos to let the crowd know, "Someone done f---ed it up for everybody." Fire trucks, several ambulance and multiple marked and unmarked NYPD vehicles surround the venue and neighboring blocks in minutes. The shooter seemingly escaped arrest; leaving the venue before the police arrived. The NYPD proceeded to canvas lower Manhattan in an effort to capture the gunman.

According to the New York Times, a spokesman for the New York Police Department said that one of the men arrived at New York University Medical Center on his own. The motive for the shootings was unclear, and no arrests had been made as of late Wednesday night, the police said.

More on this story as it develops.

Some fans caught footage of the panicked crowd on their phones.

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