T.I. is embracing fatherhood to the fullest. The Atlanta rapper is the doting dad of his baby girl Heiress Diana. Lately, Tip has been sharing his father-and-daughter time on his Instagram account.

In one video, T.I. is training his baby girl on what to do when a little boy tries to kiss her. When the Grand Hustle leader gives her a little peck on the lips, she’s not having it. Heiress purses her lips in disgust. T.I. can’t help but laugh at it. And we find it so adorable.

In another I.G. video, Tip is teaching Heiress how to walk with the help of a baby walker. When the rapper calls for her she goes the other way. Eventually, his baby daughter, who he affectionately calls Scooter Poot, gets the hang of it and walks right to her daddy with no delay.

"My lil scooter poot's on da move & getting her roll on already," writes T.I. in the caption. "Damn the Time's flying!!!! In a min she'll be telling me how she ain't a baby no more & I need to accept the fact that she's all grown up like my other baby girls."

T.I. isn't the only rapper enjoying fatherhood. DJ Khaled has been posting a bevy of photos and videos of his young lion Asahd Khaled on his social media accounts.

The We the Best CEO praised his baby boy for showing him what truly matters in life. He writes, “All my love ones meet my JOY!! MY HAPPINESS!! MY SON!! MEET MY SON!!!ASAHD KHALED YOUNG ICON!!!!!!!! My son truly showed me what love is what joy is what happiness is!!! ASAHD YOU SHOWED ME WHAT LIFE IS!!”

It's always good to see rappers and singers in parenting mode. There's more to life then just rocking the mic and making videos.

Salute to T.I., DJ Khaled and the rest of the rap dads in hip-hop.

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