As we surmised, the Supreme x Nike Foamposite Ones are the hottest sneakers of the spring season. How hot are they? They're so hot the release of the shoe almost created a near-riot outside of the Supreme store in New York City Wednesday night (April 2).

According to the NY Post, hundreds of sneakerheads lined up in front of Supreme at 7PM with hopes of copping the sneakers at midnight. The $250 kicks were scheduled to go on sale at 11AM Thursday (April 3) and police had to set up barricades to control the crowd.

But according to an eyewitness, someone tried to jump the line and pandemonium ensued.

“Some belligerent guy in the front of the line tried to bum-rush the door,” said Bradley James. “He started yelling and then somebody else started yelling and before you knew it, the crowd was rushing toward the store."

The enormous crowd got so unruly that police had to pepper-spray people and Supreme had to cancel their in-store launch. As a result, the brand moved sales to their e-commerce site.

“There was no way to control that chaos. It was a mob riot," said James. "The cops came after a few minutes and started macing people. I thought to myself, ‘Somebody’s going to get killed over these sneakers!’”

If you want to cop the foams at Supreme’s online store, you're out of luck. At 11:02AM they were officially sold out.