Apparently, the ground hog didn't see his shadow like they say, because coming outside this morning felt more like early fall than spring. However, the summer months are quickly approaching and in case Mother Nature decides to give us some heat and sun, I put together a list of some things to do in the summer that are free, or close to it.

Summer is all about fun in the sun, and making long lasting memories with friends and family. Like most people, I enjoy the sun and live for the summertime. While I do like having a good time, I don't like over spending on things. Yes, a trip out of town costs a lot, yes going to the amusement park costs a lot -- why not enjoy things that are free, too?

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Here are a few summer things that almost anybody can enjoy no matter where you're at:

1) Take a Hike - Get out of the house and do something different and enjoy Mother Nature. Like most "black people", I don't hike, but I'm not opposed to it and studies have shown that it is very relaxing as well. So, grab a friend and do something different -- go explore your local nature reserve.

2) Get to the Beach - Of course catch a nice tan, too. Enjoy swimming, cooking out, hiking, and playing frisbee all in one spot. Most beaches offer a variety of other activities too, like renting a boat to go fishing.

3) Check out Your Local Museum - Most museums are free of charge. Maybe you can learn something new, get out your comfort zone and get more into your culture by learning your history. I remember when I was a kid, I used to go to the museum every other weekend with my cousins. Needless to say, I have not been back since I was a kid, so hopefully I get to that this summer.

4) Have a BBQ - Invite your friends and family over, or go out to a park and have some fun. I live for summertime cookouts -- music, food, drinks, and more food. Just nothing but fun and good times, and of course, you cant forget the Spades game.

5) Enjoy Local Entertainment - At your local parks and venues. Catch a movie in the park, or even free music concerts. Every year starting in July until end of August, Alive at Five goes down every Thursday in downtown Albany at the River Front. Great food vendors and live entertainment -- and it's all free entry!

So, those are just a few things I put together for you to check out and enjoy. If you know other ventures that are free or low cost, email