Ok wait hold up, time all the way out. I gotta explain this on for my homie Arron's sake and mines as well.

So boom it was a nice ass day out,the cookout was popping and all of that. Everyone in a great mood feeling they self so why not get a pick up game of flag football on. Harmless fun right. So yeah we got about 5 good plays in before my homie Arron started talking wild crazy " oh that's a foul" " he pulled my shirt ahh ahh" mind you Arron the one in the blue shorts and he anit got no shirt on.But that's what he said not me.

So Arron arguing back and fourth with this kid named Derrick that joined our game at the beginning ,about him fouling him. So me being the bigger person I'm like "chill A its a game we good we gonna get them back anyways" trying to end the argument because I'm ready to play. But nah son not A, he don't chill for nothing.So we let him live because we know he do this all the time. So he continued yelling at Derrick about pulling his shirt and fouling him.

Now I did mention a second ago Arron do this all the time right, so boom next thing I know Derrick  must of been on another type of time too because right when I thought we was good and bout to start playing again, this ninja Derrick jumped about 20 stories high and kangaroo kicked my boy Arron back to the end zone .Now me ( the one in the black shorts) and Lil Jay( the one in the back) tried to hold our hands up thinking we could catch him I mean that's the least we could do right,but see the way the picture was taken they missed that part and got all 3 of us out there looking crazy ,while this dude in the air looking like he in a Mortal Combat game. Long story short I no longer play pick up games wit Derrick or Arron. End of story.


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