It's hard for rap puns to be anything other than corny, but when you can string them together as seamlessly as Santa Barbara, Calif.-based sportscaster Scott Daniels, they become truly impressive. Recently, Daniels proved his mettle as a witty newscaster and a true Travis Scott fan when he referenced the rapper's music 42 times in under three minutes. Check out the news segment for yourself below.

Daniels wastes zero time jumping into his puns based on the Houston rapper, using the first few while recapping a baseball game. "You already know: nobody triller than me, nobody triller than Scott, I'm taking their spot," Daniels says, referencing both his first name and Scott's lyrics from the Future and 2 Chainz-assisted track, "3500." It obviously doesn't stop there.

Shortly after that pun, Daniels references "Quintana Pt. 2" when a player hits a ball deep into the outfield. A bit after that, he references "Mamacita," "Way Back," "Pick Up the Phone" and many, many more tracks. Like we said, it's pretty impressive.

Hilariously, Daniels takes a step away from the Travis Scott lyrics so he can ask the rapper to go ahead and drop his eagerly awaited AstroWorld album. Definitely a true fan.

Speaking of AstroWorld, Scott recently hinted that he'd be dropping the project in the near future, and he said the same of his highly secretive joint project with Quavo. “I think this might be the last club I’ma do until my album come out and shit,” he told a crowd at a show a couple of weeks ago. “I’m about to go away, in hiding for like a couple weeks, couple months.”

He added, “Me and Quavo album ’bout to drop real soon. AstroWorld ’bout to drop real soon.” We hope he's right.

Check out the Daniels' entire Travis Scott reference reel for yourself below.

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