It’s brotherly love for Chance the Rapper and his brother, Taylor Bennett, on their latest single, “Gimmie a Call.” The song is from the just-released Throw Aways: Unmixed (1 Week Only) playlist.

The song starts off simple enough with Chano singing the chorus a cappella-style along with vocal backgrounds and gospel piano overtones. Taylor comes in spitting a verse of nonsensical rhymes.

"I wanna move to the hills where the breeze right / Know I like it when your pencil skirt too right / We gotta get it on the dance floor tonight / Baby, I'm a smooth surfer, baby, I'm a you type / Focused on my future, line up reality / Mind of a different galaxy," he raps.

As for the Throw Aways: Unmixed (1 Week Only) playlist, it's 13 previously unreleased songs that were shelved for a variety of reasons. Taylor wanted to release them just to appease his fans.

“Think I’ll just make a free play list on SoundCloud today of some really good tracks I just never got to put out. Just for the real fans,” he said of the collection. “Allot of never released tracks just 4 you. have fun listen and share. Until the album ill hold y’all down.”

You can listen to Taylor Bennett's playlist at his official Soundcloud page.

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