Ok, so , I did NOT, and I repeat did NOT, jump on the "50 Shades of Grey" bandwagon craze ladies and gentleman. Sorry. Sue me. Hate me. Love me. I'll live.  I will live because, well, I guess I have had a pretty exciting life, ahem, if you catch my drift. Stopping there. Anyhow, there is a show that is right up my alley and maybe yours coming to the Egg this weekend that is basically a parody of the 50 Shades books and I AM THERE!

When this gem of a book, in many women's eyes, came out, I won't lie, I downloaded it and began reading it on my tablet. My boyfriend at the time was like "What the hell are you reading?" I told him, and I think he just returned to watching his free porn. Classy huh?

That's a whole other story for another day. Ok, back to my point, my point is, I began reading the book and thought to myself "where is the twist?" Needless to say, I never finished it. Women were going nuts, my mom was asking me about it. OH MY GOD!! HELP ME!! AND it was all over the news, Internet, radio etc! "50 Shades of Grey" blew up - but, I still did not care!

Fast forward to NOW ! They are still trying to cast Mr. Grey They had some dude from Sons of Anarchy and he has now backed out (good idea, buddy). Will I go see the movie? Probably not. Watch it at home one day? Maybe. Will I go see SPANK this weekend at the EGG with my girlz??OH HELL YES!!! Shouts to Jo Jo and Maria!

SPANK is going down at the EGG this Sunday. It is a parody of the "50 Shades" books, a musical, and I heard it is down-right hilarious. Doing nothing but poking fun at "50 Shades." I will be at this show with bells on and maybe you will too!

Maybe tix are still available and maybe I will see you there. And just maybe, I will spank my roommate when I get home! Kidding, hope he's not reading! I am sure he is wondering why I have SPANK written on my calendar though....move over Christian Grey....I'm taking over ;)