The Capital Region is filled with awesome oddities and attractions. Take The Egg for example. There is no other building, that I am aware of, in the world quite like it. Empire Plaza in imposing, SPAC is renowned and you can't miss the GE Building in Schenectady.

Venture outside of Albany and you just might find a different kind of oddity. I found a place in Ulster County that you could call, out of this world.

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My girl and I were leaving Woodstock and, what felt like the middle of nowhere, we saw a U.F.O.! It was not in the sky, it was just sitting there surrounded by other spacecraft, lights and objects, flying and otherwise! What is this place?

Fabulous Furniture in Boiceville opened it's doors in 1973 by Steve Heller and Martha Frankel. For the next 49 years they, along with creative partner Mark Karph, have been creating "Live Edge Furniture" and apparently robots, rockets and spacecraft as well.

Lainie Rae
Lainie Rae

Scroll through the pictures of their Sculpture Garden below. You won't believe their creations! When you are in the neighborhood they encourage you to stop by, take pictures and explore.

These works of art have made their way into museums such as the Petersen Auto Museum. They have also been in the hands of actor Mark Ruffalo, Bill Pullman, Keanu Reeves and other celebrities at the Woodstock Film Festival.

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