Props to the kids at South Glens Falls High School who put this on every year. 2022 will be the 45th year the kids dance for hours on end to raise money for different charities in the area.

Prior to 2021, the dance was held in the school gym over the course of two days. In 2020 it took place right before Covid hit, so they were still able to put it on without restrictions. But with Covid guidelines and mandates after 2020, they didn't want to give up their signature event that helps out so many people, so last year they teamed up with the Great Escape to hold the dance outdoors. They raised over $500,000 to help about two dozen local charities.

This year's marathon has a new date, Friday, May 13th. It will be held that morning into that evening. Instead of being held in March, the kids can dance outside without freezing to death.

Great Escape President Rebecca Wood is excited to host the dance for the second year in a row:

This is a cherished event for our community, and our team could not be more ready to do anything we can to support this amazing cause. After seeing the hard work that goes into pulling off this monumental event last year, we are proud to offer our property as a location and assist the Marathon Dance team pull off this incredible feat.


The dance is usually closed to the public, but anyone interested can still check in on a live stream that carries the marathon in real time.

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