Pixar has done it again!

If you didn’t know they just released a new trailer for the movie “Soul" which will feature the first black person as the center of the film. Who did they choose to play the role? Jamie Foxx.

Now I already know it’s going to be good because Jamie Foxx is a multi-talented person. He started off in acting but then ventured out to create his own music and albums. Now cartoons!

So what is this "Soul" movie about?

"Soul" follows middle school band teacher Joe Gardner, voiced by Foxx, whose real passion is playing jazz. After Gardner falls into a manhole, he ends up in a mystical place and he's just a soul.

Set to be released next June, the film is meant to explore the meaning of life and what it means to have a soul — big questions for what's supposed to be a kid's movie.

Oh I definitely will be taking my family to see this! We need more black representation in cartoons for our children.

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