Skylar Grey is the queen of the trailer park in her new Eminem-assisted video 'C'mon Let Me Ride,' which features the singer-songwriter portraying a flannel-wearing hellraiser, an evil plastic surgeon, and a polka-dot-loving girl apparently modeled after Katy Perry.

We're pretty sure when Grey sings, "Come on let me ride your bicycle," she's not referring to an actual two-wheeler, but she plays up that lyric throughout the clip by riding a bike with deer antlers for handlebars throughout her backwoods neighborhood. She tries to play the role of scorned outsider when she rides past a group of bikini-clad girls from the "in" crowd, but we're not buying it, because Gray looks just as hot in her short shorts.

Eminem makes a cameo, which is only fair, since Grey co-wrote his smash 'Love the Way You Lie.' Slim Shady delivers a typically campy comedic performance that ends with the rapper towing a kiddie pool full of ladies from the trailer park.