Some really crappy weather moved in to the area Thursday night. After driving home from work I stopped at Price Chopper on Vischer Ferry Road in Clifton Park. In the time it took to drive from Schenectady to Clifton Park, the roads had turned to ice. If I knew how to ice skate, I could have skated from my car into Price Chopper. This was only around 7pm.

As I was driving home, I passed the Clifton Park Highway Department, where a number of plow trucks and salt trucks were leaving their garage to go take care of the roads. As the night went on, weather only got worse and conditions continued to ice up. Who was out there all night making the roads safe? The plow drivers.

This morning I got on the Northway shortly after 8 and was fortunate enough to be right behind three big New York State DOT plow trucks clearing the road of snow and ice, that continued to cover the roads even almost as soon as it was removed.

The bad weather continues today, as we deal with snow piling up on top of the sleet, ice, and freezing rain that we've already received in the area. The plow drivers have been going all night and all morning and will be continuing into the night tonight. I'm hoping they've been able to get a nap in the meantime.

If your road hasn't been taken care of yet, please just be patient as these men and women have been working tirelessly - and often shorthanded - to stay ahead of the weather as best then can.

Thank you plow drivers!

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