This is weird, I know we just flipped the clocks back last weekend but a few New York State Senators are annoyed with having to switch back and forth from standard time to Daylight Saving time. They are proposing a new bill that would make Daylight Saving time all year long.

Here is what New 10 is reporting:

“I think the large majority of my constituents and New Yorkers and Americans feel that this flipping back and forth between standard time and Daylight Saving Time is antiquated,”said New York State Senator James Skoufis.

What is the point of this legislation? The time is the time no matter what games you play with going forward and backward. I have been to other countries that don't participate in Daylight Saving time and it gets dark really early in the summer.

The time is what it is in my opinion, I don't think this will change anything other than people's perception of time. How about introducing legislation that actually benefits people with tangible results?

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