Should 9/11 Be A Federal Holiday? Today is the 17th anniversary of 9/11. And a new poll just asked people if it should be a federal holiday.

Here are the results . . .
1. 38% say it SHOULD become a federal holiday.
2. 42% say it shouldn't.
3. And the other 20% aren't sure.

By the way, there IS a name for this day. Every year since it's happened, the president has named September 11th as "Patriot Day.” I think 9/11 should be remembered but I don’t think it should be a holiday.

I know how people get down on holiday’s nothing will be done to commemorate the people who actually died on this day. Instead, there will be nothing but skipping work, drinking alcohol, and trying to get a last minute summer barbecue for “9/11”.

This holiday like most other American Holidays it will be another opportunity for people to stuff their faces and get drunk. It is bad enough that most people under the age of 20 really don’t recognize the significance of 9/11.

Don’t we have enough of those holidays already?

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