The Thanksgiving Day holiday is traditionally meant to be spent with family and friends, cheating on our diets being gluttons, and giving thanks for all we have.  This year retailers have combined the Black Friday madness with a holiday, starting the shopping frenzy on turkey night. Is this morally right? Well, retail America seems to think so!

Everyone is chasing after the consumer's dollar and with the competition of the tradition of Black Friday being more challenging year after year, this year's shopping madness is beyond crazy and imposing upon our turkey time. After we have worked all week, looked after the kids, grocery shopped for the big day and cooked our tailfeathers off (pun intended), we are now expected to run around like turkeys with our heads chopped off (pun intended again) and shop til we drop!

Only in America have we succumbed to such consumerism.  Look, I am a total shopper, love to shop and always looking for a deal, but physically this year's earlier and earlier start time to Black Friday really has me puzzled.  Its just not possible for me as I travel to see family as it is the biggest travel time of the year.

However, how you should spend your holiday is totally up to you. If you are out there shopping, waiting on super long lines and amongst the madness, good luck! I will be laying on my momma's couch taking a nap stuffed like a turkey (yes, pun intended again).

I actually got some of the same deals online shopping with the Black Friday week specials. And if you don't get what you want on Black Friday, Thanksgiving, Black Thursday, or whatever it is we are calling it, don't worry, there's always Cyber-Monday!

Happy Turkey Day! Gobble Gobble!