Selena Gomez has tapped Gucci Mane for a new single, "Fetish" from her forthcoming yet-to-be-titled album.

She teased the song last week but now it's available on all streaming platform. The audio video features a close up of Selena's lips, as she sings about a dude who has a "fetish" for her love.

"You've got a fetish for my love/I push you out and you come right back/Don't see a point in blaming you/If I were you, I'd do me too," she confidently sings on the sultry hook.

Guwop, who has been busy on his first-ever European tour, shows up later in the song to admit that he's got it bad for his woman.

"The way you walk, the way you talk/I blame you 'cause it's all your fault/Ya playin' hard, don't turn me off/Ya acting hard, but I know you soft/You my fetish, I'm so with it/All these rumors bein' spreaded/Might as well go 'head and whip it," he raps.

Produced by Jonas Jeberg and The Futuristics, the sexy track is available to purchase now.


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